Mustang Club of NSW
Mustang 2008 Gallop
Sunday 12th October 2008


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Sunday 12th October 2008 - Sydney

Today 12/10/08 is the first day of our 2008 Mustang gallop to Mudgee, Coonabarabran, Moree, Toowoomba, Broadbeach, Coffs Harbour and last stop Port Macquarie and then back home again.
Traveler's were: Paul & Marion, Mal & Maureen, Peter & Margaret, Ken & Jan, Steve & Maggie, Phil & Denise, Norm & Joy, Cary & Gillian, Ken & Norma, Les & Tricia, Tom & Carol, Penny riding with Stan.
We headed of a 9.15am to meet up with most of the travelers at Maccas on the M4.
Joy and Norm and Dennise and Phil drove directly to Mudgee rather than come all the way to Sydney and then back again.
On the way there Maureen phoned, they were held up on the M4 just of the Cumberland Hwy, not sure what was going on but that's ok we were running late as well. Then further on Cary phoned he was at a standstill on the M4. We eventually got to Maccas and found that Margaret & peter hadn't arrived. Found out later that they had to go back home to get their jackets and on the way back got held up on the M4. The hold up was due to roadworks down to 1 lane.
We eventually left at 10.30 to pick Maggie and Steve up at Faulconbridge. On arriving at Lawson, we had to stop at the service station - heating problems. The thermo fan had packed it in, as we were unable to get it fixed on a Sunday morning and no where to leave it to be fixed, we nursed the car home to Luddenham and picked the XR8 up and eventually getting away at 12.30.
With a good run to Mudgee we got there around 3.30 (actually we flew). Spoke to Mal on the way and they were just booking in at the motel and organizing a sausage sizzle for the evening meal. As is the habit of having Happy Hours on our trips now we decided to put $20.00 per couple in the kitty to purchase nibbles for the happy hour. Maureen and Norma had gone shopping when we arrived.
Happy Hour started earlier this day and was well and truly under way when we arrived, as we had some catching up with one another. The evening ended around 8.30 to 9.30 with tons of laughs and a few drinks.

Monday 13th October 2008 - Mudgee

Our day in Mudgee turned out very nice. The XR8 had to have a service in the morning (as not expecting to take it on the trip we didn't do a service on it). We then went to a winery Frog Rock, had some wine tasting and purchased a carton of wine and a few other bottles. Also purchased 6 wine glasses, 2 for Maureen and 4 for ourselves. We then went to High Valley Wine & Cheese Co. where we met up with everyone for lunch. We all enjoyed our lunch except Paul. He along with a few others ordered Rare Roast Beef, now this was the rarest of rare which he couldn't eat, sweat potato he didn't like, blue cheese he also didn't like, he ended up eating toast with lettuce and sun dried tomatoes, we all ended up helping him eat his meal.
We then drove to the Honey Bee farm for honey sampling and Mead tasting. Now this was nice. Ken had got there before us and had tried the Chili Honey and couldn't wait for Paul to come in and try some. Paul thinking honey, you couldn't go wrong with that, and took a good sample and frantically looked around for a glass of water. Ken was beside himself as he had done the same. We ended up buying some good honey and more bottles of wine. Had a chat with the owners, they had moved up from Sydney and have a good business there. Mal took him for a ride in Maureen's convertible and grinned from ear to ear when he came back. We left there and headed of to buy Maggie a cake as it was her birthday Saturday last and also did some more shopping for another sausage sizzle. Back to the Motel for Happy Hour.
We have just finished another top day and evening with everyone. The proprietors came and sat with us for the evening, and were impressed with the way we got along with one another so well and just enjoyed ourselves. Day 2 only and we haven't laughed and enjoyed one another's company so much as these 2 days.
Paul and Marion Clark

Day 3
Tuesday 14th October 2008 - Mudgee

Today started off like any other day. Seven of us committed ones ventured out on our daily walk, well we got half way around and it started pouring. We had nowhere to go except to keep walking. Our shoes were sloshing and our clothes didn't have a dry spot on them. At last we could see our Motel in the distance, hoping there would be no-one there to see us drowned rats return but no there was our cheer squad waiting for us. Up to our rooms for a hot shower and dry clothes, then to find the clothes dryer to spend a few dollars to dry our soaking clothes wet clothes.
After bidding our wonderful hosts goodbye we set out at 9.30am bound for Coonabarabran, stopping on the way at Henry Lawson's statue at Gulgong for group photo's, then off to The Pioneers Museum, which was very interesting and lots of memorabilia. Started to rain again while we were in the Museum, the noise of the rain on the tin roof was near deafening. Finishing there we went across the road to the local bakery, they boasted to cook the 2nd best pies in Australia, so naturally they had to be sampled. Pies with mushy peas, very nice. A spot of shopping in the local shops then off to our destination for the night. A very wet trip, even wetter if you have a convertible. Checking into our motel then unpacking, we found ourselves organizing Happy Hour for the day.
We certainly have a lot of laughs when we gather together.
Today is a "very special day", one of our travelers is celebrating her 75th birthday. Norma White, congratulations.
At dinner tonight Norma was presented with Devil Horns, sexy undies and an apron with Ladies Breasts on them, the men also had glasses to wear with Love Goddess written on them, the men were Norma's slaves for the night.
A wonderful dinner was had by all and a Birthday Cake and coffee was served.
Another full day was had, with lots of laughs and wonderful company.
Thanks to Paul and Marion for organizing the birthday dinner and cake for Norma.
Mal and Maureen Lines

Wednesday 15th October 2008 - Coonabarabran

Left Motel at Coonabarabran around 9am and headed west along the Coonamble Road to Siding Spring Observatory (run by Australian National Uni) to see all the plants and saw the big Telescope which was great and also the lookout.
We then left and went to White Gum Lookout walk which leads to Panoramic views of the Warrumbungle Mountains which are framed by White Gums, it was well worth the walk. We then went to Crystal Kingdom where we saw Crystal, stones and some great jewelry.
Left Coonabarabran around 11.30 heading for Narrabri for lunch. Nothing on this road but the big trucks. Had lunch by the river then left for Moree, arrived about 2.30 found our room and got changed and had a spar and swim, very relaxing.
Later in the afternoon around 4.30pm we all gathered for Happy Hour and have a few drinks and laughs and then bet ready for dinner.
I think the trip is great, thank you Paul and Marion.
Peter and Margaret Mitchell

Thursday 16th October, 2008 - Moree

Everyone woke ready for another great day. The walkers set out for their morning walk and it was also our final opportunity to enjoy and take advantage of the Spa.
People came from all over to gain the benefits of the Artesian Spa's, if you have not tried it, then if you get the chance it is worth it. A nice group breakfast at the Motel before setting out on our longest cruise to date. Moree to Toowoomba 313kms.
Stopping at Goondiwindi, crossing the Queensland border and running into constant rain and cool temperatures. Thank goodness we were following Steve, Stand and Norma who drove direct to the Motel.
Happy Hour; Everyone signed Norma's Boobs and Norma did a pole dance. During this proved as every previous day lots of fun and laughter for all.
Once again group dinners at the Motel for a lovely meal and desert.
Thank you Paul & Marion once again , their preparation has ensured another most successful trip.
Ken and Jan Benson

Friday 17th October, 2008 - Toowoomba

Set off about 9.00am and headed for the "Village Green" at Highfields, a collections of cottages and gardens in a circle around the green - including The Chocolate Cottage and Café, Herbal Harmones, Scrapbook Obsessions and a wonderful shop called the Quilters Angel, had a lovely time looking around the shops.
Then a short drive to the Highfields Pioneer Village where we had Billy Tea, Damper and Cocky's Joy for morning tea, before we looked around this amazing place. Built on twenty acres the village was started by Roy Ashford in the 1970's for his collection of old cars, it is now run by volunteers. There are several cottages.
The Grinke Slab Hut, The Blacksmiths Shop, Peters Bros Butcher Shop, The Bootmakers Shop, The Village Fashion Shop, all with a wonderful display of old wares, also a collection of old radios, a room full of shells, endless pieces of Machinery, old tractors and trucks, and in Grinke Slab Hut was a handmade Beaded Fly Curtain made by cutting pages of magazines into triangular shapes, soaking the pages in a mixture of flour and water and then rolling the pieces on a size 8 metal knitting needle. The "Beads" were then painted with varnish and threaded onto a piece of string and spaced with antique beads.
Our next stop was the town of Cabarlah to visit the Black Forest Hill Cuckoo Clock shop. There were lots and lots of cuckoo clocks and beautiful grandfather clocks. Then back to Toowoomba to The Cobb & Co Museum, where we had afternoon tea. The Museum has more than 50 Vehicles on display including the very last Cobb & Co coach. After looking through the Museum we decided to head back to the Motel as we were very footsore. We had another great sausage sizzle dinner.
A great end to another great day.
Norm and Joy Moore

Saturday 18th October 2008 - Toowoomba - Broadbeach

We left the Motel at Toowoomba at 8.20am it was sunny but a bit crisp. Stan & I had Norm & Joy Ken & Jan following as Stan always plans a very scenic trip. Our 1st stop was a place called Nobby, the author of Dad & Dave (Yes! I know you young ones won't know them). Steele Rudd came from Nobby and had a pub named after him also a small museum but we were too early as it didn't open till 10am, also at Nobby was a memorial to Sister Kenny (we learnt about her in school) - yes in the dark ages!!) she treated the children with polio, she wasn't happy with the leg irons they used to wear on their legs, so she came up with the idea that hot compresses did more good etc etc. Next stop was a small town called Clifton and we were lucky as they had markets in the main street, they hold them every 2 months, yes we bought some goodies. I took a photo of a bottle tree, one of 4 that were planted in the town in 1914. We then traveled along Cunningham Highway through Cunningham Gap which was step, we heard Bell birds as we went through the main range national park, we turned onto Beaudesert Boonah Highway. In Boonah we went for a walk in the main street and stopped for a cuppa. "Back on the road again" we saw thousands of termite mounds scattered in the fields. Now where on the Mt Lindsay Highway heading to Mt Tamborine what a beautiful drive through rain forest. We stopped at a lookout and could see the Albert and Logan Rivers, we also decided to have lunch here, and the crisp mountain was very refreshing from the warmth of the car. On our way down the hinterland we could see the spectacular Gold Coast, as the decent down the mountain was very very steep, I could smell everyone's brakes and Joy told us she was slipping off her seat… When we got to where we were staying everyone had arrived hours before us. Time to unpack and get ready for the Australian Outback Spectacular. Wow!! The show, the food, staff were excellent, very entertaining, we bought heaps, could thoroughly recommend the show. When we got back to where we were staying - fun and games - some of us were lucky to get inside to park before the security grill would only open ½ way therefore not letting the rest if the cars in, maintenance was called at 10.30am don't know the outcome - to be continued tomorrow.
Thank you to Paul and Marion for always including us in their trips as made up with good friends, laughter, food, happy hour and traveling.
Penny Moody and Stan Bryant

Sunday 19th October 2008 - Broadbeach

The outcome of the security grill, we went to the carpark this morning to find the grill all tied up with rope, Paul and Marion, Ken and Jan cars still on the outside of the grill, gave up waiting for the grill to be fixed and went to bed.
We all went to Carrara Markets , all did some shopping, Ken and Jan doing the most, then off to Broadbeach for a great ozzie pie for lunch. Back to our apartment to find that the security grill had been fixed.
Down went the top on our car and off to Hope Island to visit rels, after 3 hours we headed home again this time by the roads which will be the Indy race track next weekend.
4.30 Happy Hour again and B.B.Q. this time Phil went out the wrong door off the carpark and ended up in the back street, which meant that he was locked out. After a phone call we let him back in.
Thanks to Paul and Marion, another great day.
Phil and Denise Jones

Monday 20th October 2008 - Broadbeach

We all met in the basement of the car park for a 9am departure to Geezers. Upon arriving at Geezers we were made very welcome and given a guided tour of the showroom, storage area and workshop. In the showroom upstairs there was a white 69 Mustang Convertible $29,990, a white Mustang Coupe $22,990, Pontiac Firebird Convertible $48,000 (Paul looked interested), 67 black Mustang Fastback $55,000, Corvette Stingray 63 ½ $75,000. In the bottom showroom (storage area) there were several cars a few of them were Pontiac GTO Convertible, a nice orange Comaro (Phil looked interested), 57 Chev also around the wall were wheels for sale. In the workshop, we saw them buffing a black T-Bird and also cutting back a 67 Mustang (S code) Fastback and restoring a 65-66 Mustang Coupe. Next door to Geezers at a custom paint shop there was a Willy's being repainted (have seen this car at Nostalgic Drags) they also had a chopped 50's Chev in the workshop.
In the next workshop down, there was a Ford Pickup Truck (Hot Rod) and a Willy's down to bare metal being Hot Rodded. Outside there were various cars also from the 50's and 60's. In the next workshop down there was a pale blue Mustang Convertible on the hoist, tucked up in one corner of the workshop was a white T-Bucket.
After all the guys stopped drooling we split up and went our separate way to do individual site seeing and shopping. We headed off to see O'Rielys Rainforest in the Hinterlands, after setting the Nav Man for directions. On our scenic drive we passed Mt Nathan Winery and went over a weir on Clagriaba Road. Just after turning out of this road onto Beaudesert Road on a small rise we came across 2 Hudson Super Wasps (somewhat rusted out). Traveling along we went through a Military Training Camp centre. Further in we pulled over to investigate a Historic Tunnel (Laheys Canungra Tramway Tunnel) it was a bit dark in the centre of the tunnel. Continued onto the beginning of Lamington National Park and started the drive up the mountain. The road was like a goat track, very narrow and in some places there were sections where it was one car at a time e.g. If a car was coming towards you there were give way signs and you had to pull over until the other car had passed. It was a pretty hairy climb having 20 hair pin bends and 21 90 degree blind corners to negotiate plus 3 cattle grids across the road. There was a lot of dung on the side of the road. We got to where Les thought was our destination and found that it wasn't but an Alpaka Café, Les said stuff O'Rielly's and wanted to head back. I convinced him to continue and finally reached O'Rielly's Café and had lunch before setting out on our tree top walk (Booyong Walk). On our walk we saw hollow fig trees, small birds and something that looked like a bush turkey. We went across a swinging bridge in the centre of which a viewing platform had a tree with caged ladder that Les climbed up some 24 meters to another platform and then up to a final viewing platform 30 meters up to take pictures. I stayed firmly on the swing bridge We then continued on to complete the walk after witch we did a little gift shopping for grandchildren.
When we returned to the car and opened the doors a red bird (looked like a Lorikeet) came and sat on the top of the door frame to say goodbye to us. On the 35km down the mountain we found out why there was so much dung on side of the road, we turned a bend and found 4 cows grazing on side of the road. It took 55 mins to get down off the mountain. On the way down we spotted a group of Kangaroos and Wallabies at the side of the road and also Les saw a snake on the road and had to investigate. Once off the mountain return journey to the Resort seemed like a leisurely drive, arriving back just in time for Happy Hour. Maggie and Steve returned after being away from us travelers for a few days. Decided ti have fish and chips for tea but discovered shop closed Monday, so Les and Norm went to investigate fish and chip shop returning with menus for (closed shop) everybody. We gave the boys there orders and they set out again to get our dinner. Paul had a sauna and spa while they were away. They were gone for so long we thought they had left town (rather large order), they finally arrive back fully laden with dinner. It was well worth the wait. Shortly after eating we returned to our room to write up today's events, while fellow travelers still partied around the pool relaxing and talking of the day's adventures.
Les and Tricia Lean

DAY 10
Tuesday 21st October 2008 - Broadbeach - Coffs Harbour

Tom's version-We had a really good day (Except for the hailstorm)
Carol's version-Our first stop after leaving the resort at Broadbeach was only a few kilometers down the highway at the Kokoda Monument. This was a very moving dedication to some of our bravest service personnel. The large sculptured monument is set amid a rainforest walk and is very well set out. Next we got onto the Pacific Highway bypass which was a great road to travel, smooth roads and great views, including Mt Warning, a very distinctive and imposing volcanic mountain. I was also very impressed with the artwork on the concrete sound barriers along the highway. Lovely foliage and fauna but especially the portraits of children of all sizes shapes and color. Our next detour was into Byron Bay, in particular the Cape Byron lighthouse. What magnificent and panoramic views. The lighthouse stands on a rocky headland with a precipitous cliff on the east side with a sheer drop of about 100 metres (not good for someone afraid of heights, but well worth the terror) It is the most easterly lighthouse in Australia and one of the most powerful. It was opened in 1901 and is a fantastic structure. We left Byron Bay and proceeded on our way passing banana plantations and magnificent views of rolling pastures which looked just like a patchwork quilt with a variety of green acreage and well ordered crops and trees. We had a brief stop in Grafton which is beautiful provincial city renowned for it's Jacaranda trees and graceful old buildings. We left Grafton in brilliant sunshine, which, as we approached Woolgoolga, changed dramatically as the black storm clouds rolled in and the heavens opened up and dumped heavy rain, and, worse of all, hail upon us. I think our 66 golden girl was in a state of shock as she has hardly been out in overcast weather, let alone hail ( or big slush balls) but she survived, as did Tom. We were pleased to get to our resort and get settled into our room then head of downstairs to meet up with everyone for happy hour and dinner. The most exciting news of the evening was Maggie and Steve's new purchase, a 68 convertible, I'm sure we will hear more about this in the future. I did hear one comment, that being that Maggie and Steve would win the shopping award for the 2008 trip. We are really excited for them and look forward to seeing them on the road.
Tom and Carol Kinross

Day 10
Tuesday 21st October 2008 - Maggie and Steve's car buying adventure.

We are still very excited about our purchase of a 1968 convertible, I can't stop showing our tour group the photos I took, after all, that's all there is at the moment till we return to pick it up (Writer's note: Maggie & Steve had the car trucked to Seven Hills and took delivery on Friday 7th Nov.) We had not planned to buy a car while on tour even though we had been looking for a convertible for a while and there were several classic car showrooms on the Gold Coast that most of us in the group were looking at, and it was on the spur of the moment when I looked over the convertible, I told myself, I really liked this car. Steve wasn't so easily convinced so after a sleepless night, heart palpitations and arm twisting, I convinced him to go back next morning and check it out and take it for a drive. Well, we were impressed and it will soon be in our possession. ( SEE WRITER'S NOTE ABOVE)
As we had missed the trip to Coffs Harbour with the rest of the group and half the day had gone by, we had to hurry off for the long drive to Coffs Harbour so we wouldn't miss out on happy hour, to which we arrived to applause from everyone, as they were all waiting to hear about and see photos of the car. I'm sure everyone was as excited as we were which just topped our day. Thank you all.

Day 11
Wednesday 22nd October 2008 - Coffs Harbour

Today we all assembled in the foyer to say our goodbyes to Cary and Gillian Granger who unfortunately had to leave the tour early to head for home. It was a nice sunny day but by the time midday came around the rain and thunder was well set in for the rest of the day. A small group of us set off up a winding mountain road where there was a pottery place where they had the most amazing pottery with pretty crystals over the color but under the glazing. There is silicone sprinkled on the pieces before glazing, then fired, cooled down then fired again for the crystals to grow and form shapes, the result of which we have never seen before. Several purchases were made here and I heard said, Christmas is just around the corner. Heading back down the mountain we were headed for a pewter and glass jewellery show room when Steve noticed a sign beside the road for hippiastrom bulbs, which I have a small variety of at home, but not the white ones with red stripes, so the dear little old lady took us out back to her garden and dug up which ever ones I liked best, so away we come with three bulbs, what a sweetie she was. At the pewter and glass place there was a huge variety of jewellery in pewter, silver and gold and looking out of the huge windows we saw the most magnificent views, down the mountain and sweeping across Coffs Harbour. I thought it was well worth going there just for the views, however the thunder was rolling in and it started to rain so we hurried back to the cars and off down the rest of the mountain. Next stop was the Clog Barn, here we had a delicious lunch followed by a walk around the mini Dutch village, consisting of farms, mills, houses, canals, churches, railway stations with trains chugging around and large windmills, on returning to the Clog Barn we watched a demonstration of how clogs are made, even to this day they are partly made by hand and prior to 1942 when machines took over they were completely made by hand, it took approx five hours to make a pair by hand but only ten minutes by machine. They are made from poplar trees and must be made while the wood is still green and wet, if the wood is too dry it will crack during the making of the clog, it takes about a week to dry and then they can be sanded and lacquered. After the demonstration, the manager presented the clog he had just made to me, as I was the one with the book and was taking notes; he also signed it for me. On our way back to the resort, Steve and I stopped off at the opal centre, to a wonderful display of opals and many other precious gemstones and several beautiful geodites about a metre tall and had been cut in half to display the most gorgeous amethyst crystals inside of amazing depth and color, but unfortunately for me they were worth many thousands of dollars.
Back to the resort for happy hour, during which it was sadly announced that Phil and Denise Jones were leaving us tomorrow to get home for a wedding on Saturday, so after dinner we all said our farewells to them as they were leaving early, we are sure there was a tear in Denise's eye.
Leaving Coffs tomorrow and heading for Port Macquarie, the last stop over on our great tour. Once again, Paul and Marion have organised a wonderful tour for us, Steve and I think it has been outstanding and we thank you both.
Maggie & Steve Hall

DAY 12
Thursday 23rd October 2008 - Port Macquarie

Phil and Denise left us very early today as they had to get back to Dubbo for their nieces wedding on Saturday.
On our run to Port Macquarie we stopped at Balina for coffee then onto a pub at Smithtown, this was recommended by Peter and Margaret, for lunch. On arriving at the pub, we met up with the rest of the group. Peter and Margaret had called in earlier for morning tea. Everyone recommended various meals that they had had; they then left for more sight seeing. After having a great meal we left to go to South West Rocks. We traveled with Mal & Maureen, Steve & Maggie. We visited a place called (after getting lost) Arkoon State Conversation Area Inc Historic Trail Bay Goal & Museum. Spent several hours wondering around the goal - very interesting - the goal was a Public Works Prison 1886-1903 and also Enemy Alien Internment Camp 1915-1918 - also the Museum had tons of memorabilia and amazing stories about the different prisoners.
After leaving there we headed for Port Macquarie, we were running late for Happy Hour. Arrived in time for Happy Hour, Maggie's startling revelation for the day was that she had left her undies under the pillow at Opal Cove Resort. Maggie did have a lot on her mind. Penny was impressed with the full length mirror on the bathroom door. We all agreed there were parts of our bodies at the back we knew we had but could never see. We decided to order Pizza's for the evening meal, so once again took over the games room at the Motel. After a great evening we all retired. P & M Clark

DAY 13
Friday 24th October 2008 - Port Macquarie

This book should have been given to Ken and Norma, they didn't put their hand up so sadly they missed doing the book (how delighted they were).
Most of the travelers decided to go to Timbertown for the day. Spent a lovely day, had a train ride watched the Bullocky demonstration. Visited Timbertown winery and played with 2 very friendly cats and then had a wine tasting and purchased more wine. Had lunch at the Maul and Wedge Licensed Restaurant, then of to look at more places of interest. We left for a trip around the shops in Port Macquarie.
Today is Paul's birthday and we are dining in The Restaurant tonight.
Happy Hour!! Our final night was full of surprises; Paul having a birthday was the main attraction. He was presented with a Smiley hat and our designer and chirographer Joy Moore and her troupe of dancing girls did a song and dance for Paul. "If Your Happy and You Know It", the girls also had smilies on a stick. Paul was given some very nice presents, John Neale (who couldn't be with us this time) sent a present with Mal and Maureen, a pair of silver diamante earrings in the shape of a P to go with his gold chain and bracelet. A bottle of wine and a Ned Kelly bottle holder, cigarette lighter in the shape of a "Topless Bikini Girl", A "Ford" pushdown ashtray to take with him in the car, instead of out the window. A money box for "The New Car Fund". A plaque for my Happy Hour with "Friends put the "Happy" in Happy Hour". We also received a beautiful Vase "Crystalline Pottery" from Mountain Ash Pottery, Coramba, Coffs Harbour. Crystalline glazing is a dedicated and labour intensive work with beautiful results. A treasure to be kept forever and a reminder of the people who gave it to us. Also a water bottle with Pewter gum nuts and leaves on it. Beautiful gifts and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.
This poem was given to Paul from Carol Kinross "There was a Mustang man called Paul who with Marion, planned a highway trawl he took along some mates, who now pressure him for mare dates, until he said "strewth Marion, looks like they are in for the long haul!". Thank you Carol.
Time for dinner, Penny took along her Chook friend from last year, fun and laughter and a few wines, birthday cake for Paul and a second time now we were kicked out of the restaurant at 9.15

DAY 14
Saturday 15th October 2008 - Homeward

Final day of our hols, with good bye's tears hugs and kisses to everyone, we all set of home. Stopped at Maccas at Motto Farm for lunch and met up with Ken and Norma, spent an hour chatting then off for home.
We would like to thank everyone of you for your friendship and the wonderful times we have together especially on these trips. Look forward to your company on future tours, see you. Paul and Marion Clark

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